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We are happy to provide climbing courses for women, instructed by women. Our instructors are AMGA-certified and excited to empower women through rock climbing.

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Intro to Outdoors: Sport Climbing 

Rock climbing outdoors is an amazing experience! You think you want to try it? Or you’ve already been a few times, tagging along with more experienced partners, but you aren’t confident about your own skills? Outdoor Sport Climbing 101 will help you develop the skills needed to start sport climbing outdoors.

This clinic will include instruction and practice on the ground and skills demonstration and practice on the rock on single-pitch, bolted sport climbs. There will be opportunity to top-rope and lead climb (for those who are interested).

This clinic will cover the following topics:

  • Equipment overview
  • Choosing and reading routes
  • Movement on real rock
  • Sport leading, “mock” leading (lead climbing with an additional top-rope) and lead falls (if you’re interested!)
  • Lead belay techniques and considerations
  • Building and cleaning sport anchors
  • Being a responsible outdoor climber (awareness of common hazards, environmental impacts and other people).

Prerequisite: experience top-rope and/or lead belaying.

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Intro to Trad Climbing

Cracks, cams and jams! Do you want to climb in places like Indian Creek, Yosemite or the Gunks? Maybe your local crag has some beautiful crack you’ve been eyeing. Or you want to go climbing in the mountains. With trad climbing, the possibilities are endless. But it may seem daunting to start: There’s so much gear to choose from! Does it work? And how do you even climb a crack?! This Intro to Trad clinic is designed to be an accessible place to start or to improve your skills.

This clinic will include instruction and practice on the ground and skills demonstration and practice on the rock on single-pitch crack/traditionally protected climbs. There will be top-rope climbing and the opportunity to lead climb is possible (for those who are interested and placing consistently solid protection).

We will cover the following skills:

  • Trad (traditional) gear: what it is and how to use it
  • Assessing rock quality
  • Building trad anchors
  • Crack climbing technique
  • Leading and “mock” leading (lead climbing with an additional top-rope) on trad gear

Prerequisite: experience belaying. Preferred: Outdoor climbing 101 clinic (or equivalent experience).

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Multi-pitch Climbing 

Get ready for a new adventure in climbing! Are you new to multi-pitch climbing? Or would you like to develop your skills as a partner/leader in a multi-pitch setting? This introduction to multi-pitch climbing will help you develop the skills to get up and down a multi-pitch route as efficiently and safely as possible.


This course will include skills instruction and practice on the ground, then we will transition into a vertical (1-3 pitch) setting.


Topics include:

  • Route selection/reading route topos
  • Considerations for what to bring (gear, clothing, food, water, etc)
  • Anchor considerations
  • Belaying from above
  • Rope management
  • Pro tips for safer rappelling
  • Making smooth/efficient transitions between pitches


Prerequisite: Outdoor climbing 101 clinic (or equivalent experience)

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Self Rescue

When your partner gets injured, you rappelled past the anchor, or the terrain is simply too hard, having a handful of tricks up your sleeve could make the difference between having a small misadventure or having to call for a rescue. In this clinic, you will learn and practice the skills to get you and your climbing partner to safety when your multi-pitch doesn’t go as planned.

This is a skills intensive course and will be focused on developing proficiency with techniques on the ground, then transferring them into a vertical (single-pitch setting). Note: the course involves ground school and hanging in your harness working on skills and includes very little rock climbing!

This 2-day clinic will cover the following:

  • Mastery of ATC guide or Reverso (or other tube-style locking belay devices) – They are useful for SO MUCH MORE than just belaying!
  • Load transfers – belay escape, passing a knot, unweighting a stuck haul bag, etc.
  • Rope ascension
  • Rappels – preventing things from going wrong and what to do when things do go wrong.
  • Hauling systems
  • Practice scenarios that involve practical application of the above skills

This in an intermediate/advanced level clinic. Prerequisites: Intro to Multi-pitch clinic, plus personal multi-pitch experience (sport or trad) OR multi-pitch experience, including the ability to build an equalized anchor, belay from above and set-up a rappel without coaching.

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